baby’s breath type

Today’s “that’s talent” feature is of the lovely baby’s breath type.  I mean come on, ya’ll!  Seriously? How beautiful is this?  First off, the ampersand. I could just buy this and put in in my home.  And then, I’d buy all the products it’s featured on … and then … gosh I don’t even know. So. stinkin. beautiful!  Don’t you love them? So sweet and classy and beautiful. Love love love!
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All images and text below by Keziah Chong.


Here’s a little writeup from their website:

Baby’s Breath is a typeface formed with Gypsophila/Baby’s Breath. The meaning of Gypsophila is to miss, to adore, and to give. Gypsophila often serves a supporting role, but its existence is significant. This font should have a feeling of freshness, graciousness, and tenderness. I made three different sets of the typeface, the Autumn, the Winter, and the Baby’s Breath. (Digital prints can be purchased on Etsy now –