be the best version of you


sometimes i think that in life we just need to reflect.  on ourselves, and how we treat people, how we live, and how we act – because all these things added up creates “you.”  right?

i chose this quote ( and to draw it out ) because sometimes i feel like we get caught up in being just like somebody else.  i find myself thinking… if i was a better designer or photographer, i’d be just like them. i’d get all the business they have and my success would go to a different level. i’d have new clientele and then i’d be recognized and creativity would just come to me, like it does to them.

then, my life would be just like theirs. never worrying about money, or what i’d fill my days with. or how to grow. or how to make decisions… it would just be super easy just like their life is.

but its not. and its never been that easy.  i think creatives in general are always searching. for inspiration. and guess what? we are uninspired. a lot. more often than you think. we get lost, have to gain focus again, and get back on track. but then sometimes, we have to take a step back and reflect on who YOU are. because there is only one you. nobody else is just like you. they don’t look like you, they don’t act like you, and their life is completely different than yours.  so why act like them? you have you. and you should be the best version of you that you can possibly be. because nobody out there will do it for you.  and we need more unique people out there.