// blooming.

hi! its just me over here … your random ( these days ) blogger! ¬†i hope you don’t loose faith in me, and are still following along. life is happening, yall, can i get an amen?

i ran into this quote ( above ) … and ran into it … and ran into it … God, you trying to tell me something? ūüôā
i think so.  just breathe. read it again.

there’s SO much competition out there, how do you stay afloat? ¬†is there a certain something you have to tell yourself, to be assured, to have confidence that you are in fact worthy.
you see, I struggle with this. ¬†there’s so many amazing graphic designers, photographers, calligraphers, hand letterers, crafters, etc out there that its just simply exhausting keeping up with them. ¬†and then, you see their life through instagram and ( sometimes ) facebook. ¬†( ps … if you’ve seen me back off on facebook, there’s multiple reasons which I hope to bring the table in due time ) anyways – its so much of a struggle to keep up. ¬†and then God says – I made you. Just you.¬†And nobody else to fill your shoes. You are unique. I promise. ¬†And nobody else can do what you can do.

so here i am, trying to clean up the mess i’ve made out the past several months. ¬†trying to regroup, restart, refocus and claim my territory. ¬†reevaluate what i’m passionate about. reevaluate my business, my blog, my dreams, my desires. making the most conscience effort to be me. ¬†i’m starting this new journey, new phase of my life. ¬†transitions take a long time lovelies, and i’m learning this. ¬†i hope you’ll continue on with me in my journey.

PS // check out this lovely desktop wallpaper by a fabulous print designer ūüôā