coloring with crayons // thoughts

So first my apologies for being non-existent for two weeks. to say the least, a lot has happened. i’m not sure who all is out there reading this blog, who cares, or if it even matters, but i do have a lot behind the reason why and the functionality of why I haven’t posted.

1 – its fall wedding season & last quarter! ( hello insanity! hello lots of photoshoots, design projects and big decisions! )
2 – we’re making lots of big decisions and trips. back and forth to south carolina leaves me utterly exhausted, and considering i have insomnia, i’m in a bad boat.
3 – i got food poisoning last week as well as a few additional migranes and i’m still recovering. my body hasn’t liked the adjustment of a few new meds i’m trying to prevent the chronic headaches and i’m having a hard time dealing with them.

so, for now, please take my apologies as i’m working towards a more consistent schedule in posting. to say working from home full time balancing a brand new city alone is a ridiculously huge understatement, and it comes with huge huge responsibilities.  ones that i didn’t realize would overcome me. but without getting too personal, i’m holding tight to the phrase illustrated above. “broken crayons still color.”

to me, this is revolutionary.  i’ve always been an artist at heart and my soul longs for art and color. i have been broken and smashed up and chipped off and smushed down and lost and stepped on and stepped on a thousand times more and perceived wrong – and frankly everything a crayon could handle, i’ve handled. and i’m still coloring. and you should too. i’ve been broken. and down. and i’ve hit my low. but my goodness, it’s my last year of my twenties. and its time for my life to begin. i’m tired of living my life for everyone else. i hope you’re with me in my fight for coloring a life of happiness and joy! 🙂