friday smileday v13

pumpkin / latte art / pouf / nirvana / locket

hiiiiiiiii friday! anybody else saying it like that! i’m super excited that friday is here this week. it’s been a super busy week with lots of appointments, challenging deadlines and new clients ( woop woop! 🙂 )

if you’ve wondered where this whole friday smileday thing is from, just read the above statement 🙂 and…. check out many many weeks of what i’m saying hello to here!

what are you saying hello to this weekend? i’m saying hello to …
hello maker faire  atlanta
hello SUNSHINE tomorrow
hello clemson football ( and we’re getting pizza! ) of course this makes me excited because the hubbs recently decided to go paleo, and i’ve been sugar free / whole foods for over a year. sometimes, you just gotta satisfy the cravings that come with football 😉
hello relaxing this weekend
hello answers ( hopefully ) about my headaches
hello its FALL! 😀