// in the moment

photo by me

I’ve found I’m really trying to be in moment. My husband is pretty much perfect at this. I, however, am not.  I’m trying to realize little tiny moments of joy, and then capture them.  Sorry they are via the iphone, but sometimes they will slip away if we let them.  Today I encourage you to document that moment that brings you joy.

This morning, it was about 8:30 am, the windows were open, I heard the birds chirping, the breeze came through from outside, and it was still. Solitude. Joy. Contentment.  I sat in awe of God’s creation.  On my couch, I sit and stare at my beautiful new lavender tulips.  I’ve never seen such a thing like this and tulips are one of my favorite flowers for so many reasons. I’m content.  I found joy.  Today, I plan on thinking of this peaceful moment as my day goes on, and reach back for it.  When I get frustrated or anxious. I have to remember to be in that moment.  Have you had a moment like this?


ps how do you balance every day?