joy comes in the morning.

itiblog, image to impactwell good morning my loves! happy monday! i’m so glad to see you here! a blog is what happens over here in the #imagetoimpact world when ashley gets up at 5am! ahhhhh – JOYYYYY! it always comes in the morning!! i’ve had some bad bouts with allergies and being retested since living in ga ( i think its got to be the worlds HIGHEST ranking of allergens ) and gosh yall, its a new day. JOY is here in this new morning!

wahoo! are we excited? i am! ha! i’m fired up here. as you can see in the photo above, i’m rocking out to some starbucks christmas blend coffee ( + espresso + soy of course ), the last month of my day designer planner, ( a new post coming THIS WEEK on what i’ve decided on for 2015 regarding my planner ) some yummy oatmeal and some beautiful tunes- courtesy of she reads truth – the devotional i’m working on this week.


i absolutely love the graphics they design. so, hop on over to read their wonderful christmas series … are you getting fired up about christmas like i am? so. excited. then, take a listen while you’re working or studying to play their lovely spotify mix of some wonderful artist and enjoy their christmas playlist. love this unique take on christmas songs! 🙂

what are you starting your gorgeous monday off with today? happy day!