living by confusion

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Do you ever feel like you live by confusion? I do.

Day in and day out at times I think… “What the heck am I doing?” Do you? Am I alone?  I started thinking about this quote and thought gosh, I can’t be alone. Is it this creative lifestyle I live? Is it that I’ve had an incredible amount of change in the past 3 years… I’m just catching up?  What am I doing?

Then I started searching some of my favorite entrepreneurs, Whitney says this on purpose. Lara reviews her purpose each year, and totally examines it. Emily has great words on simplifying to find your purpose. Nancy practices purpose with contentment. I could go on and on. There’s so many amazing ladies ( imagine that … the stationery and photography world is run by ladies 😉 ) that struggle, just as much as I do.  There’s hope. Right?

So I’m back to the quote… “You live by the conclusions until they become clear.”  This is finding our purpose.  Determining where we are with what we have.  Things always happen for a reason.  Always.  I’m just looking for that clarity. Are you?


ps did you see my recent feature? 🙂