new years eve 2014 / sneak peek save the date

One of the most fun projects I’ve worked on in a really really long time was Jessica’s save the dates.  What a dream! Jessica ( one of my bestest friends in the entire world ) approached me to take her save the date ( dream ) photo.  “The money shot,” as she called it.  She had this dream of capturing a similar photo, and making it one of a kind. And we did it. I pulled my resources together, and made it happen ( in record time i might add! ) So, one of my best friends Jamie, my mom and I flew to Iowa to make this happen. So, here’s the beginning. This photo was captured at an amazing winery  and during about a constant 17 degrees.  We pulled inside a ( barely ) heated patio, wrapped tons of lights and found the perfect atmosphere ( filled the wine glasses of course with their Matchbox wine ) and started shooting.  I couldn’t imagine a shoot that was more fun, filled with more laughs, or more wine ( hello, how perfect? )  This is the final design that was printed, and I’ll be showing more about my process and the final product soon!  Design and photography by yours truly.  I hope you enjoy!