november goals



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first let me recap on how i did this past month on my goals. now guys, this is a new list. so bare with me. i’m working on a lot of things around here on this little blog… so persistence is key! 🙂

here was october: ( and from now on you’ll be able to follow the process over the months )

  1. blog everyday  almost happened… getting there!
  2. design/create a new wedding packet
  3. WRITE my business plan ( no more i got it in my head stuff! )
  4. create a wedding stationery template plan
  5. rework brand for stationery design ( more on this later ) started!
  6. go on a fun, new date with my husband ( soon?
  7. share more on my process does one blog post count?
  8. network with at least 2 more groups in atlanta, ga
  9. create a process/system for each of my services
  10. share more work each week
  11. make my bed each day fabulous attempt. i think i missed 3 days!
  12. loose at least 8 lbs ( this IS feasible! ) i lost 6! 😀
  13. write at least 4 cards
  14. journal at least 10 times
  15. drink some really good red wine had a great pinot noir at cheesecake factory in chapel hill!

ok lovlies. i only scored a 6/15. that’s not even half. i’m going to simplify these down to smaller steps this month!

here’s NOVEMBER:

  1. write my business plan ( yes i’ve been in business 6 years )
  2. determine a photographer for my new website
  3. go on a fun date with my husband
  4. network at least two nights
  5. create a process flow for photography
  6. write at least 5 cards
  7. get 8-9 hours of sleep each night
  8. get control of my inbox
  9. enjoy a great holiday beer
  10. loose at least 6 lbs
  11. begin rebranding process
  12. pray for my husband every day
  13. write a MTH post
  14. take a nap at least once a week ( plan rest times )
  15. make a “thankful” craft
  16. wear comfy socks and wrap up in a blanket just because, and enjoy “just being.”


what are your goals? go ahead, put them out there! list them in the comments… i’ll be your accountability partner! 😉