// on letting go

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This morning I dabbled in a few ideas of blog posts… some being on my work, my life, a few roundups, etc.  But then I just kept coming back to what is literally on my mind right now.  I have been really thinking about the idea of change. Like, what it means to me, and how I do it when nothing seems to change, and how I can make it happen.

Do you ever feel like this? You need change in your life, but you aren’t sure where its going to come from or what will make things better when you do change them?  I think on this a lot.  I dye my hair, I move my furniture, I go to a different location, I change something.  So whatever change means to you ( large or small ) what do you think it does for you?

It gives me  new perspective.  It makes me feel better. It makes me more inspired.  It gives me hope. And peace.  And joy.

I was reading this blog ( new found love, holla! ) and I really started thinking about that quote – you can just wait for things to ( maybe ) happen, or you can go and make them happen.  You can LET GO of the crap, and attack it from another angle. You can pray for God to change your location.

Today I’m choosing to let go. Let go of all the negative reasons I’m sitting at home. For all the “why me’s” and “how did this happen.” I’m letting go and changing my outcome.  Or at least letting go of feeling like I can change everything or anything.  Do you ever feel this way?


ps – here’s a pic of my new change.