friday smileday / v8

tote / pink / rex goliath / leggings / sapling press / peep toe heels

This week, its all random, and that’s ok right?  That’s how my brain is, and most of you know that about me. 🙂 So for starters, the amazing Rex-Goliath. You can never go wrong with it. My hubbs and I love them. Free Range Red and the Pinot Noir, two of my favorites. Definitely try them. You can pick them up for under ten dollars at just about any grocery store.  Just look for the big rooster ( hey fabulous branding technique! )

Pink hair? Yup. I’m loving it. I may or may not have a secret…. 😉

Leggings. I’m obsessed. Haven’t worn these yet, but I just got them. I think they are presh and can’t believe that I’m doing it. How. Fun.  Sapling Press – have you seen them? Well, I’m a card lover times a thousand, and I always check the back of the card to see who made it. Letterpress is getting really really popular these days and so is sapling press. Click on their link above. I’ve purchased some of my favorite cards from them. So simple and to the point. Fabulous 😀

Peep toe heels – Just got some of these babies last night that are similar and HELLO fun! I need a little excitement in my life 😉 What do you think?  Check out all my old friday smiledays here.

what are YOU saying hello to this weekend?
me? hello BREAK!hello visiting my family ( its sooooo good for the soul )
hello celebrating my mom and dad’s birthday
hello giving out a few v-day presents ( see link below )
hello seeing one my besties at her baby shower ( lorelei is coming in just over a month! )
hello catching up with an old friend over breakfast
hello spending time talking and laughing with my brother and sister. i need this my friends.
hello travel ( this means sunshine, older church podcasts and singing my heart out! )

PS – Did you catch my valentines craft roundup?