trending geometrics

Sometimes I roam a bit on pinterest to see a few of the different trends going on in design. I’m not a “trendy” person when it comes to design, but I do like to see what’s out there.  I’m really diggin’ these geometric forms. I know that geometric forms have appeared a lot, and many times throughout time, but I think this round is a bit different.  After seeing Paul Rand’s exhibit at MODA in atlanta, it reminded me how long geometrics have been present in design. I’ve been in awe of some amazing poster designs with simple, but really intentional geometric shapes, such as this below:

Love the use of color here. Perfect interpretations of a focal point here from the “fashion” word, to the eye, down to the color line.

This one. Oh my. LOVE LOVE LOVE the downward use of the triangle, how it points to the main text of this russian poster. The direction used in the women’s faces shows you exactly where to look, and the use of triangles. Ah. might be my favorite!
The drama used is this one is just beautiful. I love how the words are intertwined with the face and hands and even the pointed toes. The strings just pull her body down and at an angle where you just see the emotion in her body. Love this. The simplicity of color really makes a statement as well.

Beautiful. Love the monochromatic scheme here. Lots of directional lines, one direct focal point and the hues of black and creme are just over the top. Fabulous use of triangles here.


Love these use of the duochrome color here. The Perfect gradual line leads to such a great use of color and the image is pieced together through a series of circles, creating tension between the shapes. Beautiful design here. Love the use of dramatic color.
As you can see, I really love pieces from Germany and Sweden. Design kings 😉


A few more of my favorites:



PS – something I enjoyed reading this morning ( after having a rough start ) is this exerpt from clementine daily5 steps for a more peaceful morning. do you do these things?