paper fashion / that’s talent v2

I know today you’re used to seeing friday smiledays... but the truth is… its been a rough week. A nasty, cold and dreary one too. And honestly – there’s not been a whole lot of smiling around here. It’s been tough, to be honest.  Its been gross outside, leaving me without the motivation to do anything fun, or even get out.  I’m calling this an artist block.  You know how many people have a writer’s block? Well, it comes to us creatives too… and I’m fully fledged in it.  I don’t want to be a debby downer, but this is real life guys.  So, instead of giving you guys something for this friday to smile about, I just want to share more talent.

I’ve loved Paper Fashion for a while now.  I’ve swooned over her instagram images, and always loved what a unique multimedia approach she uses with fashion and paint.  I hope you enjoy, and go ahead and give her some blog love too.  These images are just so whimsical, fun, and feminine.  I love it.  What’s your favorite?

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