WIL : joy is in the tiniest things


joy. that’s just how i’m going to start out this post.

here’s a compiled collage of things that bring me joy, and i guess i just didn’t realize it until i read my bible study this morning ( pictured bottom left )

“We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements in life, when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about.” – Charles Kingsley

whoah. for reals. whoahhhhhh.

this 100% put it in perspective for me – how about you?  us as females ( sorry guys – you’re not quite the same here – well… maybe ) we go and buy things to make us happy – get our nails done, by our friends gifts, get a massage, a splurge at tj maxx, you know what it is for you … and what does that bring us? temporary. only temporary happiness. why does it go away after you purchased it? if you’re like me… you almost feel guilty after you purchase it… like – why in the heck did i buy that?  ( not always 🙂 ) but mostly its impulse, right?

well, that’s not joy.  re-read that quote… just something to be enthusiastic about. what are you enthusiastic about?  here’s a few of mine…

// pumpkins. i walked around the corner at fresh market the other day and found these. what! hello fall. it brought me instant joy. i took in a minute and soaked in the breeze, smiled a bit and thanked Jesus for these small things that make me happy.

// my husband. this joy wont ever go away. he always brings me joy. this particular moment he looked all cute and nerdy ( hello! ) while he was replacing my new hard drive – that by the way he purchased, installed, etc ( what would i do without him? ) he can do the smallest things for me and i know that i’m blessed.

// red wine.  this isn’t an always instant piece of joy for me, but this particular time it was. some of you follow me on instagram, and you saw that i enjoyed a really great evening dinner ( of wine 😉 ) on the patio by the pool with my husband. we talked for hours about our goals, what makes us happy, and just plain ‘ol communication. this connection means the world to me. of course, the chianti was in fact amazing and not to mention it was the rest of our bottle from our anniversary date at our favorite place in greenville, the lazy goat.

// maxi. ahm hello doesn’t he look happy? we were waiting in line for the ATM and i just happened to look down to see his smiling face. i just love that the little things bring him joy ( we walked down peachtree rd ). i’m working on that.

// one more of max. see his ears flapping? when they do that its usually a breeze. and i love what he does when he soaks up the breeze. his little beagle nose just starts sniffing. and i think he’s smiling inside. when is the last time you just sniffed and let your hair blow in the breeze?

// jesus. i would say the bible study that i’m reading, but it all boils down to Jesus. i’m currently reading through work/life balance in inspirations for girlfriends by miller ( i have an older version though – i’ve reread this for the 3rd year now and STILL LOVE IT ) i’m really learning that learning to be enthusiastic about everything i do, its not a routine and i want to learn out of every situation.  the study ends with this scripture : “You thrill me, LORD, with all you have done for me! I sing for joy because of what you have done.” – Psalm 92:4

another thing i didn’t add, was that while i was fixing my coffee and getting ready for my day, i plugged in this dance party  playlist.  hello dance party! yup, i had one with myself ( and maxie ) in my kitchen. get fired up! what in your life needs some enthusiasm?

lovelies, have a great thursday. i’ll be back tomorrow with some new updates my work! wahooo!