5 tips to living in a new city alone

living alone in a new city

i’ve been thinking about if i should write this post or not for a really long time. like this is two years in the making, yall. i’ve been in atlanta for two years now. and i’m not an expert, and i have to make a for real statement. i’m not technically alone. i’m happily married, and i live with my incredible husband.

but he works full time and with traffic, an hour + away. so, i consider myself to live alone in this city.

it’s pretty much a bold statement.

but, here’s a few tips to help you transition to a new city, even though you may have come to it just like I did … kicking and screaming, with a terrible mindset, frustrated, mad, and unhappy about the compromise you had to make.

1.  make a list of what you love ( not about the city, but in general. )
tape it up somewhere in front of you … your mirror, your ‘office wall’ your fridge, somewhere you’ll see it often. somewhere that just a glance will remind you that you can do just one thing on that list and happiness will find you. glimmers of hope will seep in. here’s what mine looks like.
what i love

2.  pick out a few things in that list to explore about your city.
for me, i enjoy perusing through new shops, boutiques, grabbing coffee, riding around, attending church, shopping, and finding stationery shops.  the good thing about stationery shops is that they are usually small and they change out their merchandise pretty often.  you can find neat and unique shop owners and employees and some fun new local artists this way.  i use social media to find these in the city or drive around until i find ones that are like me. a few of my favorites here in atlanta are the merchant, sugarboo, youngblood, the beehive, and sam flax.

3.  find new restaurants, bars, or coffee shops.
hop on a few websites or blogs about the city and find where people hang out. or even go to a bustling starbucks and talk to somebody. that’s where i have the most luck! never fails … every time i go to starbucks i meet somebody new who talks to me. ( ok i talk to everybody … but still. ) find somewhere where somebody will talk back, and find out a place YOU are interested in. go there, and find the food YOU like. start there.

4. journal.
write down some of the places you’ve been diggin’ and some that you’d rather not go again. write down your experiences. lets be honest. my first ( almost two years here ) has been very difficult. i’m alone. and i’m figuring out this HUGE city alone and bit by bit. its not a friendly city, and we are not in a friendly part of town. we live in a luxury, upscale part of town, not an artsy fun part of town.  ( but its safe! 🙂 anyways, journaling has brought me to the realization that i’ve had a lot of really difficult times here. i’ve done them all alone. i’ve made all the hard decisions alone. i’ve made the decisions to keep my business alive without the help of anyone, a mentor, switching states, starting over in a brand new uncovered unchartered territory, one that I knew absolutely nothing about.  one that i sat in my 640 square foot high-rise condo and worked my bootay off to build. the one i didn’t sleep for nights on end for. the one i fought tooth and nail for. the business i cried and fought and argued and pleaded for. the one i’ve dedicated myself to. this one. the one i’ve journaled and prayed and believed in. i believe in myself and what i have to give to my brides and clients, and this blog these journal entries are where it all began. 

5.  create a schedule to explore
lets face it. making a list without any action doesn’t do you any good. for real? yea. i’m for real. i have ADD. i know these things!  they are truth. so. schedule one or two of these things into your calendar. slowly add them depending on your calendar. if you move because of a job or whatever, I get it. but you have to make time for yourself and stay true to that. schedule it or it won’t happen. you are your first priority. if you don’t make yourself happy, nobody else will.

what other tips do you have on surviving in a new city?  any new ideas? i almost want to go back through my journal entries to see how far i’ve grown. yall, i’ve made it leaps and bounds. i’m ready to bust. out. so glad for change.

and guess what! i’m washington, DC bound on friday! headed to photograph this beautiful bride to her beau at the le meredian hotel on saturday!

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