the real launch …

IMG_4674hey friends, loves, co-workers, supporters and all who came out to check out the brand new image to impact website. I have some temporary news for you.

and I’m just being real and honest with you. 

it’s not ready. you deserve the whole she-bang I have planned. it’s way bigger than I thought, way cooler than I imagined and way more tedious than I let myself believe. I have put my heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears and life into this project and brand and its simply not ready for the big launch day.

there’s some technical issues I’m working through that are challenging me, so I’m sharing this shameless selfie to let you know that I’m working hard to provide you with a kick-butt launch, coming SOON!

in the mean time, pop some bubbly, celebrate the holiday weekend, and please excuse our mess!

IMG_4675with love, ashley