thoughts on blessings + a freebie!

hi all! i’m so thankful that i have a readership that doesn’t judge me on how often i post. i’m so thankful that i have support and love through you all!

this week has been a complete rollercoaster. i’ve experienced things this past week ( i’m talking this past sunday a week ago until now as my week ) that i never thought i would have experienced. i’ve grown and developed in ways that were so challenging to me as a teen, but now i’m learning how to overcome.  i’m proud of myself. i’ve made leaps and bounds, and i feel like every once and a while its okay to admit that.  we all go through challenges, struggles, blessings, and life with different outcomes. sometimes, its just best to put your blessings first.

last week, my husband’s grandma passed away. it was sudden, and completely took us off guard.  we had always planned on taking the hubb’s convertible down for her to have a joy ride in it ( all 90 pounds of her, and her perfectly jet black hair and feisty attitude ).  she loved evan and me with her whole heart. she loved hearing about what we were doing, learning, buying, whatever. she loved to be a part of our lives. she always enjoyed little notes that i wrote to her. i’m telling yall, snail mail is THE BEST. just sayin’!  she and my grandma would write notes to each other through the mail – after they became instant besties at our wedding.  they both cherished their grandchildren.  life is a bit different without mrs. ada, but she’ll never be forgotten.  please say a little prayer for my hubby and his family in the coming weeks of many changes.

this week, i was reading through my bible study, and something hit me that i never talk about my blessings. i proceeded to doodle the word onto a notepad, and just started a list.  i thought this would be a great post for us to all to share our blessings list.  so, i’ve included a hand-lettered page for you to print out on your own, and hang up where you know you’ll see it. it might be your fridge, your office, your car, whatever.  just know that sometimes instead of letting our brain get in control ( see this instagram post from last night ) we can choose to change it.  by focusing on our blessings.

my list included:
– maxie- a considerate husband
– freedom
– joy
– space
– flexibility in my  schedule
– trust
– patience
– a beautiful condo
– a husband that provides for us
– family
– love
– friends

so make sure you click here & print out this little freebie, and share with me in the comments what your blessings are!