thoughts // start where you are.

well hi friends.

i know its been a while. too long, maybe for my one blog follower, but thank you for your patience. there’s actually a lot going on here on the backend.  i’ve rerouted my goals. changed my mind. taken a step back. rethought a lot about this blog.

guys – i go back and forth with the amount of blogs i publish each week. needing to find a purpose, a readership, a family.  sometimes i feel like nobody is out there listening.  but, you know what? its for the good. i dont have to to have the largest readership or even the best. all i know is that my content is true and its real. its genuine and natural for me. so what’s left? the initiative to start. to blog more. to keep at a goal.

i have an image via districtbean at the top of my post to let you in on how i plan to move forward with this blog.  a friend told me about this perfect little coffee shop called land of 1000 hills. they have a perfect mindset on coffee. ( read here for more about how they develop communities in rwanda. ) this beautiful setting, is a quaint little coffee shop settled on the chatahoochee river, with views looking over the river and some comfy couches to settle in to as well. so here is my newly planned day for friday:

8:30-10:30 am – creative mornings atlanta design talk
11:30am  – meet my best friend from iowa for lunch at hearth ( i’m thinking about the baby arugula salad )1:30pm – head to land of 1000 hills – blog / work / update and do a little soul searching outside on the patio over a cup of coffee

so, the quote you ask? what does it have to do with anything?  my goal this week is to write 2 blogs. here’s one. and the other one will post early next week. i’m getting back into blogging. for the past several weeks i’ve been really set back. by so much. but guess what?

you can only …

start where you are.
use what you have.
do what you can.

i’m only one person with dreams to be built, conversations to be started, and a business to be built. sometimes we all need a little break. a refresh that we can can start over. so now, i’m starting where i am. finding peace in a new coffee shop. a refreshed outlook on life.  wont you join me?