wednesday wants // v1


Here’s a fun new series. Wednesday Wants. I’ll make sure I tag them all so you can see week to week what I’m interested in.  I decided to do a new series on what I wanted, because we ( females mostly ) are always surfing online trying to find the best price, cutest option, etc.  So, heres a little recap of what’s on my mind this week.


lacquered desk accessories // I’ve been slowly putting my new office space in the city together, so I’m going clean, simple and chic.  I’m in love with these new lacquered white supplies – the tape dispenser, paper storage, and the journals. Not a bad price either!

Jesus // He’s not just for this week. He’s for my life. I’m focused, creating an even better relationship, and setting my eyes on Him.

feather print // For all of you who follow me, you know I love feathers. In art, in life, in my hair, whatever.  This is a great watercolor painting that just screams simplicity. And my name 😉

gray monogrammed pillow // I’m looking for a cute and unique pillow for my bed, that’s not too trendy and not too bold.  I’m going with a white and gray theme for tranquility and I’m loving the simplicity.

ms mr band  // My new stylist introduced me to the band MS MR. Wow, what a cool, fresh take on music.