WIL // stress management



what i’ve learned : stress management

now, lets go ahead and get this straight,  i’m not an expert on stress. i tend to have a lot in my life and it’s set me back a good bit. all i know is that sometimes i can manage it. here’s three tips i typically go for:

  1. music. this is always always my top choice. that playlist always includes norah jones. no matter what, she always calms me down with her angelic voice.  i think its all about what type of music you listen to that influences your mood. sometimes its tough for me to pinpoint exactly what i want to listen to, but something calm and soothing like norah always works.  try music. its my go-to! ( ps that’s my lovely norah in the photo above )
  2. dark chocolate. i don’t know why, but just a tad of this really helps. gives you a tiny caffeine boost when you let it melt in your mouth. i wish i could figure out why but it just hits the spot. its not high on the sugar list and its just a once and a while treat. a tiny one. ( ps #iquitsugar – more about that later. )
  3. nature. go outside. walk around. take your dog on an extra walk. sit down and just watch them play. just get your mind unplugged and take some time to spend with your animals. its amazing how much joy they will bring you when you’re not looking for it.

now… this is what works for me. its typically a strange combination but i will tell you, music always works. just listen. enjoy. this too shall pass.